LYNX SAL (Offshore) is the result of accumulated expertise and know-how in the field of trailer business since 2003. Continuous efforts and perpetual presence in Africa and the Middle East have enabled us to gain confidence and credibility to become the reference in this industry.

Our sales agreements with Leading European Manufacturers come to crown our efforts.

All our products are manufactured in Europe in ultra-modern plants equipped with state-of-the-art tools and machines and latest generation of welding robots, this of course, to better serve our business customers and meet their quality requirements.

Our tankers are designed and manufactured according to the UN-ADR code and are validated by TOTAL Paris and SHELL / VIVO South Africa for the markets of Africa and the Middle East.

LYNX offers carbon steel tankers, stainless steel and Aluminum following the preference of the hauler and the technical requirements of the liquid transported. In addition, LYNX responds positively to the many and varied preferences by offering the cylindrical, elliptical, Double-D and Conical shapes (tapered).

The range of LYNX tankers covers all sectors of liquid-transport activity namely, fuel, bitumen, HFO, LPG, chemicals and food products.

Recently, following the new regulations, LYNX offers 4-axles trailers (tankers, tippers, cargo).

Apart from our extensive Tankers family, LYNX is the pioneer in introducing side tipping trailers with higher stability and better response in difficult mining operations. This range is available in semi-trailer configuration or road-train also called B-Double.

The rear dumper also occupies an important part in our range and is available with capacities ranging from 16m3 to 45m3.

Freight carriers are also well served with a range of CARGO trailers that vary between simple flatbed, sided-Flatbed, closed-sides trailers or curtain-siders.

LYNX can offer any material related to the truck, far beyond our major families of TANKERS, TIPPERS & CARGO so do not hesitate to contact us for your needs in semi-trailer cement silos, low-loaders, asphalt spreaders, among many others.

Download our Product Brochure for an overview of our LYNX products.